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Ten Topics I Will Never Write About On This Blog

1. The day my friends and I made fun of Tom (Cruise) Mapother during sophomore year at Glen Ridge High (he was so stuck-up).

2.  A scientific study about the differences and similarities  between nerds and geeks…Oh someone just wrote about that?  See?  Now it’s definite.  It will never happen on this blog.

3.  The day my closet was totally organized.

4.  When my husband surprised me with a trip to Hawaii (I was so surprised!).

5.  My life as a spy…I will never tell…never, never, never…

6.  My secret love for all things Justin Bieber (baby, baby, baby, oh…)

7.  My run-in with Demi M…. (she deserved it)

8.  My addiction to Duck Dynasty, Downton Abbey, Doogie Howser, and Dukes of Hazard.

9.  My summer with the Bay City Rollers (Oh gosh, I had a crush on Les)

10. Anything sad


I will never write about any of these things.  You can figure out which ones are really true.

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